Obenauf's Leather Preservative - 4 oz.

Obenauf's Leather Preservative - 4 oz.


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    All natural. Repels water.
    Resists cracking, scuffing and dry rot.
    Restores dry leather fibers.
    Easy to apply.
    Odorless after applied.
    4 ounces. Made in USA.

    Three natural oils are suspended in Beeswax and Propolis. In the leather these oils gradually seep out of the Beeswax/Propolis suspension formula. If exposed to heat or flexing the oils are released faster so leather gets oiled instead of parched and cracked. This Beeswax/Propolis Suspension Formula provides a time release lubrication to inner fibers while the surface is reinforced against scuffing, and the leather still breathes.