Rawhide Leather Lace 1-2oz

Rawhide Lace in Different inch and Meter Rawhide Lace offers superior strength for your special projects. Soak in water for 20 to 30 minutes or until pliable. The lace will shrink back to its original size as it dries.

Available in 2 different thicknesses: 1-2 oz (approx. 1mm) and 3-4 oz (approx. 1.5mm) 1-2 oz is perfect for lacing and lashing, while our 3-4 oz is great for all your projects requiring thickness, strength and durability.

Unbleached, natural color. Available in 1/8" (3.0mm), 1/4" (6.0mm) and 1/2" (12.0mm) sizes.

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