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It all begins with carefully selected, high-quality leather hides. Our hides are hand-selected for quality and come from Brazil, Argentina, Egypt and other regions of the world. We add natural, SAFE chemicals and dyes and we NEVER use chemicals that do not comply with the strictest of standards. Finally, everything comes together in the hands of our wonderful employees. Our U.S. based customer service team is dedicated to supporting your every need and assisting you in making your concept a reality!

Leather Cord USA™ is the choice of manufacturers worldwide. Find out why.

Featured Leather Cord for Jewelry Making

The Benefits of Using Leather Cord for Crafting

Leather cord is a versatile and popular material for crafting, and there are many reasons why it is a great choice.

Leather cord is a great choice for crafting due to its durability, versatility, natural aesthetic, affordability and ability to personalize. Its pliability and flexibility make it perfect for a wide range of projects. It's a great option for crafters of all skill levels.