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All our leather cord is certified 100% lead free

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In addition to our many fine leather cords and laces,
we also manufacture custom leather products.
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Our Leather Cord Products

Belting Lace
Precision cut from the finest top grain leather, our Belting Lace offers the finest quality in the widest selections of colors available. Ideal for those occasions when only the best will do!
Braided Bolo Cord
We import only the finest in Braided Leather Bolo Cord. Unlike other braided cord that is bumpy and uneven, our cord is perfect in both weave and consistancy. Our Braided Bolo Cord has no competition!
Calf Craft Lace
Thin yet strong, Calf Craft Leather Lace offers professional and consisitent quality in a soft and supple lace. Precision cut from only the best calf skins, Calf Craft is the perfect finishing touch for that special project.
Our cuff bracelets are made of full, top-grain leather and are perfect for stamping and other types of embellishment.
Deerskin Lace
Exceptionally strong, yet soft and supple, our Deerskin Lace is expertly cut from only the finest North American deer hides. Great for all your jewelry and beading projects or for garment lacing, Deerskin Lace is the softest leather lace you will find.
Deertan Lace
Softer than Calf Craft, yet incredibly strong, our Deertan Lace is expertly cut from only the finest hides. Deertan lace is full grain leather cut from the top 5 percent of hand selected Italian calf hides. Each hide is specially treated to be water resistant. Great for all your jewelry and beading projects or for garment lacing. Deertan Lace is the softest leather lace around.
Flat Braided Cord
Ideal for a wide variety of projects including jewelry, garments, fashion accessories, upholstery and more. Our Flat Braided Cord is expertly woven into a tight, even braid using only the finest quality leather.
Flat Braided Suede
Just like our Flat Braided leather, Braided Suede is the "must have" in jewelry design. Available in many sizes and colors, it is very soft and flexible, making it perfect for single or multi-wrap bracelet designs. Other uses include trim, edging, custom items, etc. Made from top quality split suede lace.
Flat Suede Lace
Soft and supple, our Flat Suede Lace is a perfect choice for light duty lacing or that special beading project. Made of the finest suede skins and measuring only 1/2mm thick, this lace is the finest lace available.
Latigo Lace
Our full grain Latigo Lace has the strength you need for all those special projects. Perfect for braiding, sporting goods, knife handle or gun stock wrapping, lacing, garments or any project that requires a strong but flexible leather lace. Precision cut from full grain hides.
Nappa Braided Bolo
Nappa is a soft, full grain leather made from an unsplit sheepskin or lambskin. Each strand of our braided nappa is folded before braiding, providing a smooth edge to each strand and consistant color throughout the cord. Nappa braided bolo is perfect for fine jewelry, giving each piece a luxurious look and supple feel.
Rawhide Lace
Rawhide Lace offers superior strength for your special lacing projects. Soak in water for 20 to 30 minutes or until pliable. The lace will shrink back to its original size as it dries. Unbleached, natural color.
Real Suede Lace
Although slightly thicker than our Flat Suede, Real Suede Lace remains as soft and supple as its thinner counterpart. This versatile lace is great for a wide range of projects from jewelry to garments. Made only of the finest sueded top grain garment hides. Approximately 1.0mm thick.
Round Braided Bolo
We’ve added a great new "twist" to a well known product! Available in 6, 8, 12 or 16 plies, we use our Round Leather Cord and machine braid it in a special way to provide a very unique look and style, while providing excellent tightness and consistency. Available in solid color or multi-color, there is nothing like it anywhere. Perfect for trim, jewelry, purse or bag handles, edging, rope, etc.... the uses are endless.
Round Braided Flat
Our Round Leather Cord is specially braided flat to provide a consistent weave. Uses include bracelets, cuffs, trim, edging, unique jewelry designs, belts, etc. With an endless combination of colors and plies, the only limit is your imagination.
Round Leather Cord
Precision cut from center hide,nice and smooth, our Round Leather Lace offers the finest in quality and consistency. For beading, necklaces, fine lacing, earrings, hair ornamentation, hatbands, and more. No one carries a finer Round Leather Lace in a wider selection of colors and sizes than we do!
Round Braided Square
Another unusual application with a well known product! Using 8 plies of our 1.0mm Round Leather Cord, we machine braid it to produce a unique braided cord that is square. Use it for trim, jewelry, purse or bag handles, edging, rope .... the uses are endless.
Split Suede Lace
Perfect for all craft projects from jewelry to garments.
Our Split Suede Lace is soft and supple for a great look and feel!
Stitched Round Leather Cord, Solids and Prints
Our Stitched Round Leather Cord is manufactured using top quality suede lace or full-grain Nappa that is cut and wrapped around a solid cotton core. The cord is then machine stitched to produce a soft, supple round leather cord. Suitable for a wide range of uses from jewelry to garments. Available in a variety of colors.
Our leather strap is made of top grain cow leather and is completely dyed on all surfaces. It is suitable for jewelry, trim, purse handles and a wide variety of other uses. Choose from a variety of colors and size.
Use our handmade, pre-cut tassels for handbags, shoes, jewelry ... just about anything.
Select from Nappa or Suede Leather in a variety of colors.

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